Living smart

What is strong AI?

Strong AI and Weak AI

Strong AI is derived from the idea that AI will one day develop the power to employ cognitive thinking in a manner that resembles that of humans. This idea that AI could eventually be programmed to work with mental capabilities is fascinating. What are the differences Between Strong AI and Weak AI? To establish the […]

How Do You Build AI Applications That Serve Your Needs?

build ai applications

AI is a technology that’s rapidly changing how we live our lives, but it’s not just for scientists and researchers. It’s also an opportunity for businesses to increase their profits and find new ways to serve customers. This guide will walk you through how to build AI applications that serve your needs. Create a Customer […]

AI In The Future: How AI is Shaping Future Technology

ai in the future

AI is the future! It’s a bold claim, but it’s true. And it’s not just because AI is useful—though it is. It’s because AI has the potential to change our lives in ways we never thought possible. For example, advances in machine learning and deep learning allow computers to perform tasks that once seemed impossible, […]

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