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Strong AI is derived from the idea that AI will one day develop the power to employ cognitive thinking in a manner that resembles that of humans. This idea that AI could eventually be programmed to work with mental capabilities is fascinating.

Weak AI vs Strong AI

To establish the proper scale of the conception of strong AI, we should discuss weak AI, which is the general AI in use today. Weak AI is achievable because of its more “particular to a case” nature. Weak AI has the potential to replicate operations that are repetitive and work with a certain format or criteria.

We can see the implementation of weak AI even today, for example, in Car manufacturing plants. Weak AI has the potential to substitute all basic level labor that necessitates manpower but little strategy. All tasks that can be broken down into simpler, smaller tasks have the chance to be taken over by AI.

However, the concept of consciousness and learning patterns still bears the hypothesis of strong AI. There are a few human behaviors we can expect Strong AI to deploy.

Advantages of Strong AI

The first idea is that of self-improvement. Civilization has come to this juncture of advancement by learning from past mistakes and leaving obsolete practices in favor of better, more effective ones. Strong AI development will be revolutionary for our age, with its precision and scale of application.

Another advantage that strong AI has is human memory power. Memory is the core of our human functionality. Like a mind, a single memory for all AI can equip AI with more effective performance. With this, AI could apply activities learned from any area to another area or even come up with new ideas.

In theory, the reasoning is a human trait that strong AI can also deploy in daily life. Reasoning with a situation can give AI the power to conclude many debates with access to data and the power to process large amounts of it in seconds. This also allows AI to have the power to deduce circumstances.

But perhaps last and certainly not least, the most humane trait of a strong AI would be to gain common sense. Common sense helps us avoid a lot of ludicrous ideas and separates us from delusions so that we can enjoy a functional and practical life.

The understanding here is that strong AI is at least an interesting subject. And we cannot begin to comprehend its application to our world, even with the advancements we have already made.

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